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July 5th 2022

Undivided at Junior School: One year on

Welcome Clubs at the Junior School form part of our commitment to providing a full and balanced curriculum that challenges misconceptions and celebrates diversity in all its forms.  

Each month we publish an Inclusion Calendar, which outlines key dates for consideration, and ideas to extend and promote inclusivity and critical thinking. Mrs Cannell and Ms Daly run weekly Welcome Clubs for Key Stages 1 and 2 respectively, which focus on a monthly theme and story as a basis for discussion and activities. Families are invited to share events and special occasions with their classes. 

Since September, our Undivided initiative has raised awareness of cultural, mental and physical differences, in an age-appropriate and sensitive way. Staff have received training on subjects such as unconscious bias to become better informed.  

We have also participated in GDST collaboration days, including Black History Month, the Halo Initiative, anti-bullying through the Just One Word project, and this term the Junior School raised funds for the Just One Tree environmental support programme. 

We look forward to expanding this important provision next year and wish to take this opportunity to thank all the families who have participated in the Welcome initiatives this year. 

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