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June 23

Student review: Visiting Performance of Romeo and Juliet

On Wednesday 8 June, Year 9 were visited by the Globe Theatre Players who performed a workshop version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, which we have been studying this term in English. I thoroughly enjoyed this version of William Shakespeare’s tragedy; the acting was superb, with each actor perfectly performing the ideas and topics of the play. The fight scenes were particularly exciting.  

We were entertained by the performance, but we also appreciated how the actors would explain the imagery and the significance of each scene. This compelled me into wanting to know more about Shakespeare’s original influences and thinking. I particularly enjoyed how we learnt about the steps Shakespeare took when writing the play, and how each character’s name reflects their character attributes. After the performance, we were able to ask the actors questions about the play and the production in a lively Q&A session.  

This was an excellent workshop performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and a great learning opportunity. We all enjoyed watching this play and learning about the characters and Shakespeare’s skill in depicting this wonderful story. 


Written by Issy, Year 9


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