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May 12th 2022

House Debate

The last day of the Spring term saw the return of House Debate after a long hiatus! Teams comprising of a member of staff and a student orator from each house took on the challenge of debating a series of motions.

In Heat 1, Paragon house (Mr Sodhi and Jess McLaughlin) argued that we should no longer have GCSE’s or A-Levels with Meridian (Miss Hickman and Kiyaah Raghuwanshi) arguing against the motion. Despite a spirited defence of GCSE and A-Level exams from Meridian, Paragon narrowly beat them in the vote to progress to the final.

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Heat 2 saw Morden (Mr Green and Lucy Cornwell) argue that Queen Elizabeth II should be the last monarch of Britain against Vanbrugh (Rachel Galbraith and Jude Alberry). A very expressive argument from Mr Green and Lucy saw them through to the Final.

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The final motion was the most divisive by far, with the winner of Heat 1, Paragon, arguing that dogs are better than cats. The winner of Heat 2, Morden, then defended the feline honour. Despite it being incredibly close, Paragon emerged overall winners.

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Thank you to Mr Crozier for organising, and presenting, such an entertaining afternoon.


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