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May 12th 2022

Women of the Future event

On Wednesday 11th May our five new members of the Head Student Team - Aini Khan, Jess McLaughlin, Eden Chambers, Honey Helm and Rachel Galbraith, together with Ms Day, attended the TSB ‘Women of the Future’ event, held at Aviva’s headquarters.


Over 500 young women and 500 Ambassadors met to hear from successful, trailblazing female role models, each from a range of disciplines and backgrounds including Baroness Goldie and Pinky Lilani. The speakers shared their personal experiences and top tips for achieving your ambitions. The HST got to talk to many of the WOTF Ambassadors during the Mingle Bingo breakout session, including Serena Kern-Libera, Head of Market Access Policy at HM Treasury; a qualified lawyer; recording artist and record company boss; and MET Chief Inspector Rhona Hunt. Rhona’s advice was interesting; her take on the adage ,’If at first you don’t succeed’ was refreshing. Rhona said ‘ask for feedback; don’t just keep trying without knowing what you need to do to improve’.  

Our thanks to Imraan for organising and to Pinky Lilani CBE DL, Founder and Chairman of the Women of the Future Programme. 

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