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March 9th 2022

Exploring carbon offsetting with the Eco Club

On Friday, February 25, Richard Hunt and Merry Song from Turnkey Consulting visited our Eco Club to discuss projects for Carbon offsetting with students from year 7 - 10.

Carbon Offsetting is a reduction or removal of Carbon Dioxide emissions in order to compensate for the production of Carbon Dioxide elsewhere.

Carbon Offsetting can be achieved by purchasing Carbon Credits from Carbon Offset projects.

Students from Blackheath High School discussed which projects Turnkey should select to invest in, they argued their case and convinced them of 3 incredible projects for their carbon offsetting. Our students chose to invest in Kenia Trees and Brazil Reducing Deforestation (REDD), the Cai Be Rice Husk Thermal Energy Generation Project and the Solar Project by the ACME Group.




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