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March 9th 2022

The Apprentice comes to Blackheath High

On Wednesday 2 March Year 7 and 8 joined forces to take part in an Apprentice-style activity to design a unique box of sweets sold for a charity appeal, learning many lessons in business, marketing and teamwork along the way.


Working in teams to prepare a 2 minute pitch, catchy theme tune, slogan, marketing and business plan for their confectionary box using a range of crafting tools, instruments and their iPads.

As well as pricing their boxes competitively and ensuring the theoretical proceeds included charitable donations, the girls placed emphasis on sourcing ethical ingredients and recyclable packaging with a low environmental impact.

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Organised by Steve Gaskin from Huxley Events, they donated £50 to the British Red Cross on behalf of the winning team.

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Students really enjoyed the day especially understanding all the factors to consider in designing a product from initial idea to marketing of the resulting product and everyone enjoyed watching the teams adverts and jingles, understanding the ways different target audiences think and how in working as a team different people shine at different times.


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