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October 14th 2021

An Insight into Year 12s Trip Day 2021

Read below sixth former Honey's experience of the Trip Day that Year 12 participated in this term.

For Trips Day in Year 12, we were given the opportunity to work on our team building skills, as well as bonds with our new peers.

We started off the day by splitting into two groups and completing a circuit of activities, helping us unlock new communicative skills. We learnt how to work as a team to effectively complete the challenges.

In one of the activities, we split into groups of four and we had to stand on two planks, one foot on each platform. Using ropes connected to the planks we had to work as a team by walking in sync to reach the finish line. We participated in a range of these activities which allowed us to develop our time management skills. For example, one of the activities required us to step on numeric keys efficiently and rapidly, as our goal was to get the correct order in under ten seconds.

The final activity tested our communication skills as we had to use limited stepping stones to reach the finish line. This was an effective challenge as it encouraged our team to talk calmly and clearly, which are useful life skills. Overall, we had a thoroughly enjoyable day where we learnt some very valuable skills and everyone appreciated the experience.

Written by: Honey, Year 12

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