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It was a huge pleasure to welcome an audience to a live music event last month. Our first live Teatime Concert for 18-months featured no fewer than 25 performances; from classical violin to French horn, voice to ukulele, the audience thoroughly enjoyed the concert.


Our second trips day is in full effect! Some of our girls are currently offsite taking part in various thrilling activities like Free Jumping, whilst others are enjoying equally exciting workshops onsite delivered by external experts. What a great way to start the weekend! 🌟


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One of our talented Year 6’s competed in the National Taekwondo Championships last week, she went home with a gold and silver medal 🥇🥈Amazing effort !




And the winner is... 🥁 Every year hosts 'The Long Notes Competition', where each competitor is asked to play the longest note they possibly can. Lots of students entered this year, but Isla came out on top with an astounding note length of 42 seconds! 👏


Episode 8 of 's podcast is now live! This week, neuroscientist Dr Cathy Rogers is talking creativity and the curriculum: how we can help to nurture creativity and why this is important. Listen here:


"We were able to see the words we’ve been analysing in our English lessons come to life..." 🎭 Year 11 recently visited the Globe to watch Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'. Read Year 11 student Lucy's recount of the day here >


Happy Hanukkah to everyone celebrating this week, and thank you to Freya for leading assembly this morning 🕎


Over half term, students were given Science projects to deepen their understanding of the topics discussed in lessons. The girls were very creative with their ideas and materials, resulting in some very accurate (and tasty 😋) looking models.


An incredibly inspiring speech from Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Michelle Joseph, this afternoon. 🩺 The presentation, 'Daring Outside The Box', looked at her academic and career journey, demonstrating that these journeys are often not linear. Thank you 👏


This month, our Spanish students had the very enjoyable experience of watching 's 'En El Campamento'; a 50-minute play, all in Spanish. This gave the girls a great opportunity to learn new vocabulary, whilst reinforcing the phrases they already know - fantástico!


Such a fantastic opportunity for our girls to listen and learn from an incredibly inspiring woman. We can't wait to host this Wollstonecraft Speaker on Friday.


The November edition of our school newsletter, Highlife, is now live! ✨ Featuring articles from students and teachers about all of the exciting things our girls have been doing over the last month. Click the link below to read online and subscribe 👇


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Under the sea! Year 2 dive deeper exploring the ‘Deep Down Under’ in our Creative Curriculum topic. Great use of colour and space, creating depth. Impressive concentration and resilience shown by all. 🐡🐠🦞🐬🦀🐋


👋 Happy Friday!


Wishing our Year 6 Junior School girls lots of luck as they prepare to sit the 11+ Entrance Exam for the Senior School this morning. 🤞 Good luck girls, you can do this!


We spy 🧐Clara Schumann, Ethel Smyth, Florence Price, Amy Beach, Grażyna Bacewicz and so many other fantastic female musicians and composers. What a great display! 👏


A lovely display from our Junior School.




Well done, Kirra - that's super quick! 👏🏆


Great work from our Year 8 girls studying 'Pressure in Gasses' in science today. By 🔥 heating up an empty can and quickly putting it into ❄️ cold water, they witnessed the crumpling effect that rapid cooling has on pressure. A great lesson by our great science team!


Monday 15 - Friday 19 November is . To kick start the week, we'll be participating in on Monday, to celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of each and every student here at Blackheath High School. Odd socks at the ready! 🧦


A fantastic array of performances at our Teatime Concert last night. From classical pieces from the likes of Vivaldi and Beethoven, to more modern works from Ed Sheeran and Sade. We certainly have missed watching our talented girls perform in-person for an awestruck audience!🎶


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thank you so much girls they were so appreciated.👏👏👏👏


We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful museum on our doorstep! Thank you for welcoming our Year 2 pupils


Every door is open to our girls: we empower them to explore their future through our Futures Programme and extensive career placements scheme. Our Sixth Form scholarship and bursary applications are closing. Apply before November 8th.


Our girls have the best foundation to build the skills they need for a bright future, thanks to our £18m investment in new state-of-the-art facilities. Applications for Sixth Form scholarships and bursaries close on November 8th. Apply online today.


At Sixth Form, girls can choose from a range of subjects in the arts. From Textiles to Theatre Studies, there's something to appeal to the creative side in everyone. Sixth Form scholarship and bursary applications close on 8 November. Apply online today.


A big thank you to the little ones and their grown ups who joined us for Classics for Kids this morning. Our girls loved performing in front of lots of happy faces. Here is a clip from the final performance of the day. Can you guess the song? Hint - it's a theme tune...🤫


Fantastic work, girls! Well done! 👏🏆


Being a part of the GDST means our girls have access to world-class resources and events. The deadline for Sixth Form scholarship and bursary applications is 8 November. Apply today and discover our unrivalled Sixth Form opportunities.


We're looking forward to hosting our virtual Step Up Into Sixth Form event tonight where the Sixth Form Leadership team will be telling our Year 10 and 11 girls all about sixth form life at BHS. We can't wait to hear what thoughtful questions the girls will ask this evening.🤔


Episode 5 of the 's new Podcast 'Raise Her Up' is now live! 🎙️ In this episode, journalist and communication consultant Genelle Aldred offers suggestions and guidance to help us be better listeners, readers, watchers and talkers. Listen here 👉


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Welcome back ⁦⁩ on a beautiful sunny day. Wonderful start to the day hearing all about how some ⁦⁩ families will be celebrating Diwali on Thursday ⁩ ⁦


Our Director of Music and Year 12 Music Scholars will be hosting 'Classics for Kids' music sessions starting next week. If you have a little one at home, bring them along for a 30-minute musical adventure 🎶. Book your preferred date here >


Meet Ezinne - the UK's best Spanish student! 🇪🇸 Having won in 2019-20, Ezinne was finally able to receive her certificate and coveted prize of a bursary for further Spanish studies in Spain. Congratulations to Ezinne for achieving this impressive feat. 👏


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🧡Thank you to all the amazing teachers, staff & pupils from the wonderful 4 raising over £922 for 👏. Such a fabulous school, with heart & soul, that takes the time to make a difference, thank you all so much🧡🙏🏼🧡


Recently, Year 13 student, Carla, attended the prestigious French acting school, Les Cours Florent in Marseilles. 🇫🇷 This wonderful experience was made possible by our MFL Sixth Form Scholarship. Read Carla's full recount 👇


If you have a little one at home, our Director of Music and Music Scholars would like to invite you to 'Classics for Kids' - a 30-minute musical adventure, introducing little people and their grown-ups to a range of music and sounds. 🎶 Book your space 👇

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October 14

My experience at Les Cours Florent in Marseille, France.

Read below sixth former Carla's experience of attending the prestigious French acting school, Les Cours Florent, made possible by our MFL Sixth Form Scholarship.

Les Cours Florent is a very well-known acting school in France. It’s like the Oxbridge of French theatre.  Actors such as Diane Kruger, Isabelle Carré, Pierre Niney and Audrey Tatou have studied there.

When I found this course, I originally had the choice to go to Paris and do an English acting course, doing some Shakespeare or go to Marseille and do a course completely in French. I decided that it would be interesting to try the course in French seeing as I had never done acting in French before.

I was lucky enough to get a MFL scholarship which meant the school gave me a certain amount of money to pay for this course.

But the real benefit was that the scholarship gave me the opportunity to explore options for expanding on my language ability through a huge number of different avenues. In the end I chose a theatrical option because it combined my passion for language with my ambitions in acting. So, I would really recommend that you apply for a scholarship, too.

Before starting the course, we were told to read a book called ‘Roberto Zucco’ which was going to be the script we were going to act out.

When I found out I had to do this, I was quite worried as I thought I wasn’t going to be able to understand the book (due to it being a difficult text but also because French isn’t my first language).

As soon as we got into the class and started reading the script all together, I realised straight away that everyone was really getting into it and vocally acting out their roles which meant that you had to read the words quickly, understand the context and be in your role. Due to French not being my first language, speaking fast can be quite difficult so that took me a while to get used to.

It wasn’t until our tutor began to illustrate what she meant that I started to appreciate the differences in style between English drama style and French drama style.  I noticed that the French have a much more expressive way of performing a role. For example, my tutor would use her body in a very expansive way and almost filled the room with her gesturing, her facial expressions and the precise articulation of the words and the way she projected them.

It’s interesting to observe that the English culture is much more reserved than the French, so I suspect that the French style of acting reflects the French passionate and emotional culture. For example, you would expect a passion scene performed by English performers to be very subtle in its expression, whereas my French tutor was very physical in the way she interpreted a romantic scene.

At the end of the course, we had prepared a monologue which we had to perform in front of a camera. We had all assumed that this was simply a way of consolidating our week into a video – until the Head of The Cours Florent from Montpellier appeared. It was then that we realised we were about to audition for a place at the school.

Thankfully I was awarded a place and have chosen to go to Montpellier instead of Paris – as it has a better reputation for training actors. I begin my studies in September.

Beyond the discoveries I have made into the differences in acting styles between us and the French, the challenge of performing in French rather than English has definitely improved my resilience and boosted my confidence.

The nerves I felt at the beginning of the course quickly evaporated once I realised that everyone with me felt the same – and were really nice people, and I remain friends with them and will be seeing many of them when I get to Montpellier.

Written by: Carla, Year 13


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