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October 13th 2021

Celebrating Black History Month

At Blackheath High School, the things that make us different are celebrated and supported. Creating an environment in which our pupils, staff and wider community thrive.

This year’s Black History Month is more important than ever. It’s not just a month to celebrate the continued achievements and contributions of Black people to the UK and around the world, it’s also a time for continued action to tackle racism, reclaim Black history, and ensure Black history is represented and celebrated all year round.
As 2020 showed, and 2021 continues to show, Black history is being made every day, in all kinds of ways.

Throughout the month of October, our students have been participating in a range of activities to learn and encourage a dialogue about Black History.

Guest Speakers

IMG 4702[1]Alexandra Wilson

‘In Black and White: A Young Barrister’s Story of Race and Class in a Broken Justice System’

On Friday 8 October, barrister, author, and campaigner Alexandra Wilson spoke to our students to share her story and experiences.

Read the full article on Alexandra Wilson's visit here.



BhmBlack Family Histories

On Monday 11 October, our Head of German, Mrs Turvey, conducted an assembly which explored the histories of Black families.

It was a particularly moving assembly which was enjoyed and appreciated by our staff and students alike.


Other exciting projects our girls have participated in include, workshops such as 'Modern Africa: More Than Just a Stereotype’, screenings of Pixar’s first movie with a black protagonist, Soul, and historical scavenger hunts.

Black History Month UK launches theme for Black History Month 2021

Picture1Catherine Ross, Editor at Black History Month UK, explained why they are launching the campaign: 

“It’s been a challenging time for many Black and Brown people, with so much in the media about racism, inequality and injustice. We wanted the theme of Black History Month 2021 to focus on celebrating being Black or Brown, and to inspire and share the pride people have in their heritage and culture – in their own way, in their own words.

“By asking people to share what they are Proud To Be we can share both individual stories and the vast richness of diversity that Black and Brown people bring to the UK.

“Black Lives Matter means people being able to live life to the fullest without having to compromise who they are. Everyone deserves the right to be Proud To Be everything they are and want to be in life.”



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