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September 23rd 2021

Exciting new Reward Systems in Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 at Juniors

At Juniors, your daughter, every class teacher and member of support staff belong to a House. There are four Houses; Meridian, Morden, Vanbrugh and Paragon. For each House there is a Year 6 House Captain.

Throughout the school year, many different events, some competitive (e.g. sporting events) and some community focused, ( take place.

This year the House Captains, supported by Junior School staff will each prepare a House Celebration Assembly. This will provide your daughter with an opportunity to share their learning and celebrate personal achievements together. During the week of their assembly, each House will enjoy a celebratory House mufti.

In class your daughters will now be working towards earning DoJo points. The class has a set of personalised goals to work towards which encourage team building and positive attitudes to learning. DoJo points can be earned individually or collectively.  All members of staff can award DoJo points, so for example, when your daughter is being taught by one of our specialist teachers they can also contribute to your daughters DoJo award goal, which results in a greater sense of community.

The DoJo community online resources provide pastoral opportunities such as motivational videos and activities for your daughter on topics such as Perseverance, Empathy, Gratitude, Growth Mindset, Positive Thinking and how to cope with Big Challenges.  These are used in class and assemblies to guide and support your daughter.

Here is an example of an individual Dojo screen alongside a whole class tally.

Dojo Example



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