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September 22nd 2021

Junior pupils to take to the skies

Next month, The Blackheath Society will be running a kite day that everyone can get involved in, so we've tasked all of our Junior School girls with creating their own kites that they can fly at the kite day on Sunday 10 October.

The challenge has been set for all girls from Nursery to Year 5 to have a go at making their own kite at home, whilst our Year 6 girls will be building their kites in their Design & Technology lessons (although, they are welcome to build another one at home if they would like!). 

There are a range of different styles they can choose from, from windsock kites to flat kites, and delta kites to box kites.The shape, size and style combinations are endless, and we can't wait to see the range of different creative and innovative ideas girls will come up with.


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