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May 27th 2021

GDST excited to welcome Lorraine Candy in GDST Talks event

The speaker on Thursday 17 June is award-winning former editor of Elle and Style magazines, Lorraine Candy, sharing her post-covid summer survival guide for parents and teens.

School’s Out: Helping Your Teen Daughter Navigate Post-Covid Freedom This Summer

Summer 2021 will be a summer like no other: a long holiday period at home after a second year punctuated by Covid lockdowns and school closures. 6 weeks of (we hope) increased freedom and contact with friends, after months of making do with endless walks and takeaway drinks with family. Adolescence has, of course, also carried on throughout, with the ever-changing emotional, physical and family dynamics that it entails adding to the mix. With this potentially explosive combination, how can parents help their children to navigate the newly-recovered freedom of parties, festivals and gatherings, whilst managing everyday family life?

The GDST are delighted to announce that our guest speaker on Thursday 17 June is Lorraine Candy, mother of four and award-winning journalist with over a decade of experience writing about parenting in national newspapers and magazines, including columns with the Sunday Times Magazine and Daily Mail. As co-host of the chart-topping lifestyle podcast Postcards from Midlife, which features the stories of spirited midlife women and tackles parenting adolescents, Lorraine will be sharing her own experience and advice as captured in her forthcoming book, Mum, What’s Wrong With You? 101 Things Only Mothers of Teenage Girls Know, out in June 2021 (4th Estate).

Lorraine will be in conversation with our CEO Cheryl Giovannoni and your questions are welcome. If you would like to ask Lorraine something, or have her discuss a particular topic, please click here to submit your comments. 

GDST Talks with Lorraine Candy on School’s Out: Helping Your Teen Daughter Navigate Post-Covid Freedom This Summer will take place on Thursday 17th June at 6pm via Zoom.

This event is suitable for parents with children in Years 6-13. 

To book your place please click here


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