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May 28th 2021

Art Exhibition goes virtual at the Junior School

This year's Art Exhibition went virtual at Juniors.  Each girl’s artistic talent was celebrated online in a collection of galleries and lively videos.

The focus this year has been Women Artists. Each Year Group took inspiration from a different female artist when creating original artwork with many year groups linking this to their creative curriculum topics. Nursery focused on the colour blocks of Bridget Riley. Reception took inspiration from the highly detailed line drawings of Rosalind Monks, whose work is often inspired by animals and nature. Year 1 made bold and colourful paintings based on the work of Alma Thomas. Louise Bourgeois was the artist chosen by Year 2, who applied her themes of music, friendship and nature to their paintings. As part of their study of the botanist Anna Atkins, Year 3 studied cyanotype photographic techniques and created delicate sketches and prints in blue and white. Year 4 also took a closer look at nature making very colourful close-up flower paintings in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. Year 5 and 6 worked with our Resident Artist and completed their studies begun in lockdown about various female artists by creating self portraits containing objects of personal importance. 

In class, we have displayed the videos enlarged on interactive whiteboards so each picture can be really clearly seen. Many of the girls were proud to see their work shared this way, while being impressed by the creative efforts of other year groups. It has been powerful to recognise everybody’s Art learning in a way that is accessible both at school and at home.

The work created throughout the school was diverse and visually stunning. You can see more of the amazing artwork on Firefly.

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