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March 24th 2021

Year 12 take on first-aid training

For Trips Day this term, Year 12 were given the opportunity to learn some first-aid.  

We started the day off by going over the first things you should do if an emergency were to arise. We learnt about how you should always look to see if there are any dangers to you or onlookers before attending to the injured person, and how as the first-aid responder you are the most important person in the scenario. 

A useful acronym they taught us was DR ABC which stands for danger, response, airway, breathing, and circulation. Once we finished going over how to approach a casualty we moved on to the more practical elements, this involved learning how to do CPR on adults, children and babies and how the protocol has changed because of Covid-19.  Due to Covid-19, the mouth to mouth part of CPR is no longer advised for adults but is still necessary for children and babies. We also learnt what to do if someone was choking. We went through the two moves you should attempt, back-hitting and abdominal thrusts (formerly known as the Heimlich manoeuvre) although, perhaps fortunately, we weren’t allowed to try on each other. The final thing we learnt was how to bandage a stab wound with the object still impaled in the person. 

Overall we had a thoroughly enjoyable day where we learnt some very valuable skills and everybody enjoyed the short reprieve from lessons.

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