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March 24th 2021

Discovering different types of architecture on Trips Day

Despite Covid-19 restrictions, Architecture Day 2021 was a great success.

The Design Technology department guided Year 8 through a tower building contest which then led into designing and modelling Blackheath Riviera - a notional, riverboat accessed school that encouraged these young architects to reimagine spaces as never before! Interspersed with this, DT technician Julia Spence talked about her design exploits in Brazil, while Mrs Aspden and Mr Masters relayed their own experiences of working with Spitting Image puppets and Ozzy Osbourne respectively. 

The teams of four built 3D models to showcase their wild ideas that included (literal) glass ceilings (to be smashed in emergency cases of sexism), observation towers in the IT departments and indoor rivers. 

The Art department added their angle on design with Mrs Gilbert and Mr Branch talking through their very different journeys. While, not to be left out, the Year 6 designers simultaneously worked on a standardised human access point design (aka door) for every entrance to every department - the winners of these will be revealed soon. 

At the end of the day, everybody received a chocolate reward while the best designs received a bit more of the same. A great day and a perfect way to blast out the cobwebs, relax and just be creative. 

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