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March 9th 2021

Great achievements for Year 9 - 11 in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge

In February 2021 the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge took place involving mathematics students from Years 9 to 11. As is always the case, this challenge requires the students to use all areas of their mathematical knowledge to solve problems such as this:




We were very pleased with the results; five gold certificates, eight silver and 31 achieved bronze.

Well done to all students who took part and here is a list of the winners of certificates:

Year 9

Gold: Isobella, Gabriella

Silver: Sherry, Madeline, Martha

Bronze: Mary, Tiana, Alina, Yijun, Lisa, Lauren, Julia, Anjy, Grace, Orla, Yuzhu


Year 10

Silver: Pearl, Sophie

Bronze: Abigail, Dotty, Tara, Juliet, Elena, Shanti, Orlane, Emily, Alice


Year 11

Gold: Joanne, Sophia, Theodora

Silver: Isabel, Benicia, Billie

Bronze: Kyra, Asami, Eva, Felicie, Judith, Sienna, Buffy, Inayah, Aini, Audrey, Maria


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