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December 11th 2020

Mathematical success for Senior Challenge Certificate winners

In November 2020 the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge took place involving mathematics students from Years 12 and 13. As is always the case, this challenge requires the students to use all areas of their mathematical knowledge to solve problems such as this:


We were very pleased with the results; one gold certificate, one silver and 14 achieved bronze. A huge congratulations to Yiting who was best in school and she qualified for the Senior Kangaroo competition for which she achieved a merit certificate.

Well done for all students who took part and here is a list of the other winners of certificates:

Gold winner: Yiting

Silver winner: Miriam 

Bronze Winners: Ella, Joseph, Alexandra, Mabel, Roberta, Rafi, Freya, Anastasia, Shona, Dilmi, Noora, Trisha, Katie and Amy.

Earlier this term we had two entries into this year’s Mathematical Olympiad for Girls. Shona and Yiting both participated and faced some challenging but, no doubt, enjoyable problems. Well done for both of them for participating. Yiting scored in the top 25% of all participants in the UK. An amazing achievement.

Unfortunately, this year’s Senior Team Maths Challenge was unable to go ahead due to the pandemic, but it has clearly not prevented the success of our Sixth Form students at Blackheath High School.


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