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November 27th 2020

Blackheath High School gains Eco-School's Green Flag

We’re delighted to share the news that Blackheath High School has been awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag.

Eco Schools is a long-standing global education programme that empowers students to raise environmental awareness, drive change and make real differences to the world around them. 

Through a combination of Eco Club activities, student-led campaigns and whole school initiatives, Blackheath High School’s students have tackled their first three Eco Schools topics: Biodiversity, Energy and Waste, with enthusiasm and determination. 

In recent years, they’ve helped monitor and increase biodiversity in and around the school. A minibeast hotel, stag beetle nursery, log piles, nettle patch and wildlife-friendly planting have all helped to encourage a wide variety of species. The thriving wildlife pond has become home to frogs, toads, newts, dragonfly and damselfly larvae and much more. 

For the energy topic, the students have learned about energy use, carried out environmental and energy audits and run energy-saving switch-off campaigns that have saved energy and reduced our CO2 emissions. 

Lastly, but by no means least, enthusiastic litter pickers have cleared litter and plastic waste from local streets and the Heath and prevented it from entering our rivers and oceans. Many of our students have worked especially hard to reduce waste in school, especially single-use plastics, making very real differences that we see every day. 

The Eco Schools Green Flag Award is a great achievement and testament to everyone’s efforts across the whole school. Well done everyone!


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