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October 13th 2020

Jasmin to feature in Royal Academy OF ARTS Young Artists Summer Show

We are so proud of Jasmin in Year 10 for creating the art piece 'Burnt' which is being featured in the Young Artists’ Summer Show.

For her submission for the Young Artist 2020 competition, Jasmin did an incredible job producing a very thought-provoking and conceptual idea at home, using varnish and dried burnt rarebit to create a piece about every day life. 



For me, the sculpture represents how most people in developed countries would take food for granted and it is only when you really look at this unusual sculpture that you begin to appreciate the detail and textures that the burnt cheese and toast actually create, focusing on food waste. - Jasmin, Year 10

The exhibition runs from 19 October - 22 November 2020. You can visit this page here to find out more on how to view the show.

Jasmin and her father are extremely excited about this amazing opportunity! 


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