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October 13th 2020

Focus of the term RECYCLE launched for OUR 140th ANNIVERSARY Year of Promise

I had the pleasure of talking to the girls this week about our final approach to our 140th anniversary pledge in moving towards becoming an Ocean Friendly school. 

Following the initial ‘reduce’ then ‘reuse’ elements, we now move into the final stretch of our year long campaign which is ‘recycle’. I outlined the important reasons for recycling, and the benefits, not only to our own lives and our school but to the planet. This is a subject I always enjoy talking about as I know the girls are genuinely invested. This generation’s enthusiasm for taking care of the planet is perhaps most recently represented by the fact that when Sir David Attenborough joined Instagram a couple of weeks ago, he smashed the record for the shortest time to reach one million followers.

I am equally as passionate as the girls are and have made a pledge myself. As well as increasing the amount of recycling I do, I am committing myself to going above and beyond in teaching my two young children about recycling. I started this with an episode of Peppa Pig, which introduced them to the concept and they now help us ‘sort’ through the recycling, guessing which items go in which bins.  In talking to them about the small changes we can make as a family, I hope that they will be able to make a great contribution over their lifetime.

I have asked the girls to make a pledge but this is open to our whole community! What can you, as a family do, to support our mission to becoming London’s first Ocean Friendly School? Please email your pledges for ‘Recycle’ to


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