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March 5th 2020

Celebrating World Book Day, Blackheath High Style!

What a fantastic Book Week we had at the beginning of March. Staff, students and parents were encouraged to get reading and enjoy some downtime, discovering new authors and rediscovering some old favourites.

In the Senior School, Monday saw the start of our ‘Guess Who the Book Token Belongs To’ competition. Each day there were two different clues to identify a book character. At the end of the week there were 10 answers in total. There were a huge amount of entries. The winner was drawn with Isabel Adcock winning the enormous basket of goodies including seven books, notepads, pens, pencils, trumps cards, chocolate and sweets.

On Tuesday everyone received their £1 book token. There was also a limited supply of four of the special £1 books which girls could pick up for free without using their token.

Thursday saw our annual Big Book Quiz which was held in the Library. This year the girls took part electronically so girls were able to see how they were performing instantly. It certainly added an edge to the competitiveness of everyone.  It was also time for our special assembly with students and staff dressed as their favourite fictional book characters. Amongst the winners of best costume were Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jane Austen and Tintin. The English department excelled yet again with a sketch based on the classic book Alice in Wonderland.

Friday saw a visit from the author Kathryn Evans. Her books are written for young adults with a sci-fi or psychological suspense theme. Year 8 were lucky to attend creative writing sessions with Kathryn in the afternoon. She equated the characteristics of real-life well-known people with characters in The Simpsons animated show. They were frighteningly similar!

Remember reading and books are not just for a week, it is a lifelong commitment. Stay motivated and keep reading!

Written by Mrs D Glazebrook


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