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Just over a week to go to our Virtual Open Day! We can't wait to give you a warm Blackheath welcome as we invite you to discover all about life at Blackheath High School. Sign-up here to join us:


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Blackheath High School GDST () are hosting its first virtual open day on Saturday 26 September, 9AM – 1PM for perspective students aged three to 18. Register and find out more and register below:


All smiles as Year 9 find their beat and try out drumming in today's music lesson 🪘 🎶


Some beautiful illustrations from our Year 11 students... enjoying taking inspiration on a sunny day 🦋🌸☀️


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🎉 OPEN DAY 🎉 will host its first Virtual Open Day on Saturday 26 September between 9am and 1pm. The day will be split into three sessions covering the Nursery and Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form. Book here 👉


Beautiful morning this morning in Blackheath. Looking forward to the new school week ☀️


From studying GCSE Astronomy at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, sports and fitness on Blackheath and taking part in all clubs on offer, find out more about life at Blackheath High School at our Virtual Open Morning.




“Continue to be the rule breakers and the change makers” Teacher Sarah Harris with some inspiring words for the future for our very special 2020 valedictory event tonight ✨💫


Head leads the celebrations tonight marking all the successes of our 2020 GCSE and A-level students. Not in the way we’re used to, but a great evening marking all their amazing achievements in what has been a year like no other. Congratulations girls 👏👏👏


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Getting ready for our special valedictory event ⁦⁩ this evening - I hope the students all really enjoy it They, probably more than any year,deserve a great send off!!


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Fabulous opportunities for our sixth formers and alumnae here 👇🏼


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Covid safe Mussorgsky beat!


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No more palm oil based shampoo, conditioner or soap for Mrs Gunton. Thank you


Don't forget to sign up for our Virtual Open Day on Saturday 26 September to find out why we were shortlisted for both Best Girls’ School & Prep School of the Year. Register and find out more information here:


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Junior girls have huge ❤️. Yr5 Annika donated 15 inches of hair to Well done mum for the 9 inches and Georgia in too.


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By 8.45 all Junior girls back in school, staggered starts done. So pleased to have you back!


So happy to welcome back our girls to school this morning for the first day of term. Have a great day girls!


We couldn't be more proud of Leila, Year 4, for showing her creative flair and coming 3rd in the Young Wild Writer Competition! You can read her award-winning story, The City Fox, all about London's hidden wildlife here👇 Congratulations Leila! 👏👏


We can’t wait to welcome our GCSE students into our Sixth Form. Read all about Rafi’s time with us so far, as she looks forward to following her passion for Design Technology in the Sixth Form.


From performing at Greenwich Theatre and our fashion show to taking part in cricket tournaments, read all about Roberta’s time at Blackheath High School and what she’s looking forward to in Sixth Form.


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I want to publicly thank all our hard working teachers who contributed to the work of arriving at this year's results in exceptionally challenging circumstances, and to pass on thanks that parents have expressed today.


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Congratulations to all our GCSE candidates: you worked hard and achieved excellent results today. Now it's time to start dreaming about September's fresh start - can't wait to welcome a brilliant cohort into Sixth Form!


We’re so proud of all our GCSE students today and can’t wait to see what’s next. Read all about Sharmalyne’s experiences at Blackheath High as she follows her passion for Computer Science into Sixth Form and has big ambitions for the future


Our GCSE students have achieved so much throughout their time with us. From tackling the DofE Award to playing netball, hockey and tag-rugby, read all about Freya's experiences here as she celebrates GCSE success and looks forward to life in the Sixth Form


“So incredibly proud of our GCSE students. Throughout their time with us they have worked hard and had fun. They are all stars”. celebrates all the successes of our Year 11s


Congratulations to Dorcas who has taken every opportunity at Blackheath High to follow her passions for fashion and jewellery and will follow in the creative footsteps of fellow Blackheath alumna Mary Quant as she heads to university


On A-level results day, discusses the importance of a well-rounded education as the best possible preparation for the future in today's Evening Standard


Beyond proud of students who have achieved so much throughout their time with us at Blackheath High School and will always be part of the family. Read all about Natasha’s experience here


"Incredibly proud of all our A-level students today. Our girls have grown through these challenging times and I know more than ever that they will thrive as they embark on the next stage of their journey” pays tribute to Class of 2020


Thank you ! With one more term left in our 140th Year, there's still time to make a pledge which will have a positive environmental impact on our local area or wider world. Please email pledges to:


Well done to Ezie in Year 13 for the incredible accolade of being named among the 10 best Spanish students in the UK by the Spanish Embassy .


So wonderful to see kites being flown on the heath. Yet another reminder of our charmed location 🪁 Thanks for sharing


'Avant la pluie, je n'avais pas besoin de porter un manteau' - read more Year 9 French poetry along the theme of 'then and now' here:


For everyone missing music lessons and performances at school over the summer break, remember to check out Blackheath 's fantastic online Summer Courses. There's something for everyone - adults included:


Over the summer we are reflecting on the past 6 months, and how much we've learned as a community and team at Blackheath High School. Who knew we would become overnight experts in virtual events? Read the write-up of our successful forum here:


Learn more about 3+, 11+ and 16+ admissions to Blackheath High School at our pioneering Virtual Open Day on Saturday 26 September. Register here:


Combining our love of learning languages with our passion for food? Where do we sign up?! Learn more about how our students are getting involved with the Linguachef prize here:


We are so proud of Beatrix who won in the Years 7, 8 and 9 category with her poem 'PHOENIX' in the Laurie Magnus poetry prize. Read it here:

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February 14

Head Girl Team Blog: Valentines Day

Ingrid from our Sixth Form and head girl team shared some thoughts on Valentines Day.

For centuries, the name of Valentine has been associated with love. In the fourteenth century, Chaucer referred to “seynt Volantynys day”, William Shakespeare and John Donne wrote in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century about Valentine as a symbol of love, and the practice of sending Valentine’s cards to a loved one was already widespread in early Victorian England.

The actual origins of the festival are uncertain. The 14 February was already being celebrated as a festival of love in fifteenth century France, but the name “Valentine” could be referring to any of three third-century Christian martyrs living in the Roman Empire, who died on the 14 February. Curiously, all three were originally associated with a miraculous ability to cure epilepsy, not with the performance of marriage ceremonies for Christian couples, although this is what Catholics eventually attached to the name of the martyr Valentine.

I feel that, today, Valentine’s Day can be seen as merely an opportunity for shops to market cheap cards, chocolate hearts and kitschy teddy bears. Many of us roll our eyes as a matter of course at “ugh capitalism”, but don’t seem to acknowledge that those of us dismissing Valentine’s Day for this reason are profiting, throughout the year, from living in a capitalist society; the world has evolved since the third century AD and, with it, traditions such as Valentine’s Day.

It is a confluence of religious, cultural and literary traditions, which has spread and adapted to include many non-Christian countries around the world. The values of the people celebrating it have changed too: women are not forced into marriage in France as they would have been at the time that they celebrated Valentine in the fifteenth century, and it has become acceptable in many more countries for same-sex couple to celebrate their love for each other on Valentine’s Day.

So what has stayed the same? To return to my very first sentence, it’s quite simply the idea of celebrating love. And (without needing to buy flowers or excessively expensive jewellery) this is something that we can and should celebrate in its many forms: love within romantic relationships, love between friends, love amongst family members.

To quote Jane Austen: “There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.”

And she was right. Here are the different ways, for example, that each of us on the Head Girl Team are celebrating love on Valentine’s Day:

Apple: For Valentine’s Day, I tend to spend time with my family, and most importantly spend time doing things I love. This year, I’m planning on baking, as this is something I enjoy in my free time and sharing my desserts with my loved ones.

Ingrid: I’m looking forward to going to a new restaurant with my girlfriend for Valentine’s this year.

Olivia: I am away for Valentine’s this year so won’t be able to spend it with my family. However, I will hopefully have a lovely dinner with my mum and sister in the evening celebrating together.

Natasha: I’ll be staying in and having dinner with my boyfriend.

Subee: For Valentine’s day, I won’t really be celebrating it as much as other people might. I will probably watch a movie with my family and chill out for the day.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, even if it is taking some time alone to look after yourself, I hope that it brings you joy and gives you space for what is important to you.

Written by Ingrid, Year 13

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