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February 13th 2020

Exploring the art of Chinese Ribbon Dancing

When our Mandarin teacher Ms Chung told us that we were going to be doing a Chinese dance workshop I was so excited, because I’ve never tried a Chinese dance workshop before.

It was really interesting because we got to explore different dance moves. It was also really funny when we got tangled in the ribbon!

- Rebecca, Year 8

I was really excited when our teacher told us we will be able to Chinese ribbon dancing as we would be able to look at Chinese arts deeper. The workshop was really great and everything was taught so we get every detail to try and make our dance look the best it could be. 

- Abigail, Year 9

I think the dance is very unique and interesting. It has a very different style and it’s really fun.

- Jessica, Year 8

The dance was a new opportunity to learn a new style of dancing which we all enjoyed.

- Tienna, Year 8


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