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January 30th 2020

YR 7 Mandarin students visit Chinatown

On the 20 January 2020, everyone who chose Mandarin as a language visited Chinatown for the day.

We started the day by visiting the British Museum in the Chinese exhibit. We completed different challenges that taught us all about how and why they made jade and pottery artefacts as well as what they were used for. Some of the objects there were very similar to objects we use today! While there, we took the opportunity and went to the pottery and vase exhibition. We all drew beautiful vases with stunning designs on that made you feel as if you were viewing them in China!

After that we walked to Chinatown. When we arrived we went to a Chinese buffet restaurant where there were lots of different foods ranging from simple sticky rice to spicy lemon chicken. I felt that the restaurant was really good as there was something there for everyone. Once we had finished at the restaurant, we had some time to walk around Chinatown in small groups of five or six. We visited some Chinese bakeries, bought souvenirs to remember the day by and much more.

I felt that overall this was a really good trip as there was a range of activities that everyone enjoyed. From drawing the pottery to trying Chinese treats, this was definitely a trip that we would all do again soon and I think all the class would agree.


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Written by Izzy, Year 7

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