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October 18th 2019

Head Girl Team Blog: Joining in Year 7

When I first started Year 7, I was terrified. The tall building, the wide range of subjects and not knowing anyone overwhelmed me quite a bit, but with the support and care of teachers, I was able to overcome this and became a confident individual who learnt to appreciate and utilise the unique resources that Blackheath High School provides.

To get us all started, The Head of Year 7, Mrs Tyrrell arranged a special picnic. The picnic involved ice breakers to eradicate the tension within the year group and to give an opportunity for everyone to engage with their classmates. I found this extremely useful and still am friends with those who I met at this special occasion. 

Some people settle in the school more quickly than others, but the school completely understands this and hence why we have our very own peer mentors. They have been specially trained and play a vital role in ensuring they provide a comfortable environment and solutions to anyone in need of help. Their aim is to help build social skills and contacts and I know many people who have benefited from this support system.

In terms of trips, PGL in Year 7 is definitely a trip I will never forget. It brought my year group even closer together and allowed me to be independent for once, I never had the chance to stay away from home for a week prior to joining Year 7.  

The school provides a wide variety of clubs and Year 7 have to do a minimum of three. I would say that it is essential to engage in as many as you can and to get out your comfort zone to try something new. It allows you to be a more well-rounded person and provides you with an opportunity to do something that you may not have had the chance to do otherwise. There are subject specific ones too which give an insight into the careers many of the students end up pursuing.

Blackheath High School holds annual events such as the Greenman Competition, House Debate and much more. Everyone always looks forward to these and anyone can participate in them.

Blackheath High School is not the typical secondary school. Due to the small number of people per year group, there is more directed attention on each individual. It forced me to come out of my shell and has helped me all the way to reach my goals.

Written by Subee, Year 13


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