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October 17th 2019

Special girls chosen for GDST Maths Conference

On Wednesday 9 October, six girls from Year 6 were chosen to participate in the Junior Maths Conference in Oxford.

It was an amazing and inspiring experience which we all enjoyed immensely. After an early start we finally arrived at Oxford Station from which we walked to the Andrew Wiles building in the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.

We started the day off by having an informative talk by the Head of Norwich High School. The theme of this year’s conference was real life maths and his talk raised awareness of how many people in the world have not got enough food and money. Next there was an engaging activity where we were mixed up with other GDST schools. It involved making a film about if the GDST were a village. Then we had a fascinating tour of the institute where we looked at the mathematical features of the building. After a delicious lunch came the highlight of the trip, the quiz. It was very challenging but we tried our hardest and thoroughly enjoyed it. After the prizes had been given out, we visited one of the Oxford colleges, called Worcester College. We went in their beautiful gardens and played in them before getting the train back to Blackheath Station.

It was a truly wonderful and unforgettable day which we all really enjoyed.

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