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October 17th 2019

A trip to City Hall for the Debating Club!

On Monday 14 October, The Junior Debating club (as well as Year 5 and 6 School Council representatives) were invited on a tour of City Hall!

The girls were very excited to see and learn how the Mayor of London and the London Assembly come together to make the important decisions that shape our city in this beautiful and iconic building. They attended a talk from a City Hall representative and were thrilled to have access to the main debating room, the Chamber room. This girls were able to walk the spiral staircase to the top floor and enjoy the view of the city.

They learnt many facts not only about City Hall, but of the great city of London past and present.

'It was really interesting - I loved the video about the history of London' Savannah (Debating Club)

'I liked going up the spiral staircase and seeing the Chamber room below!' Lucy (School Council)

'I enjoyed learning about the architecture of the building and why it was build it that shape..' (Debating Club)


This is just one of the many extra and co-curricular activities on offer at Blackheath High private primary school.


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