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October 17th 2019

The latest news from Blackheath High Reception!

In Reception we have had an infestation of Evil Peas - we think that they must have climbed out of our Supertato book and taken over our classrooms!

They have been getting up to lots of mischief; muddling up our number line and kidnapping some of our small world toys. Luckily, everybody in Reception has been learning how to be a superhero, so we are well-equipped to handle those cheeky peas. We have been practising our superhero characteristics such as having a go, choosing ways to approach problems, and keeping trying when things are tricky. By using these skills, we were able to rescue the small world toys by working out that we could use magnets or tweezers to get them out of the poisonous pea swamp without putting our hands in, and we made traps to make sure they couldn’t get back in to our classrooms. SuperReception to the rescue!

To remind us that we are all superheroes, we made superhero portraits of ourselves to decorate our classrooms. Finally, to celebrate all of our hard work, we will be holding a Superhero Party on our last day of term. We have made our own superhero capes to wear.


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