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October 15

Making balloon powered rocket cars in STEM Club

Students were given the initial template of a rocket car. On one side, the design had some interesting facts about rockets and on the inside, there was an intricate design of the interior of a rocket.

Students initially started by attaching card to the base of the rocket model. This provided strength and a base for the car. Next, they cut out four axles using card. They then used straws to act as dowels. This provided rotation for the wheels. Finally, a balloon was attached to a flexi-straw and taped to the body of the rocket car. Students then blew up the balloon powered rocket cars and observed how it moved. The girls identified better design models for the cars such as: more / bigger balloons to ensure that it travelled further, stronger wheels to provide support for the cars, perhaps wooden axles and dowels to provide stability and some weight for the car when it was in motion.

The girls enjoyed learning about how a balloon can be harnessed to act as an engine and the purpose of building a prototype. 

The STEM club is just one of the many extra cirrucular activities on offer to encourage your daughter to pursue her interests. Learn more about life at our private London secondary school.


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