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October 15th 2019

Geography trip to Juniper Hall

On the 18 September the Year 11 geography classes set out on a two night GCSE field trip to Juniper Hall, Surrey. 

We arrived that afternoon and began by discussing the activities we would complete over the course of the trip. In the centre’s main classroom, we were introduced to the River Tillingbourne and why it was suitable for us to study. We then settled into our rooms for the first night.

Thursday was the busiest day of our trip. We prepared our lunches at 7:30am before eating a delicious breakfast and preparing the equipment for a day of researching. We headed out to look at three points of the River Tillingbourne. Crossways Farm, Abinger Hammer and Gomshall. Once we had collected samples from each of the three points, we consolidated our data and discussed the changes in the river’s features as it moved downstream. We ended the day with an evening of games around the campfire.

The final day of our trip began with a morning of learning about the effect of urban sprawl on nearby communities. We headed out to visit two towns, Brockham and Ashtead, both of which were being affected to some extent by urban sprawl. Back in the classroom, we discussed our findings and concluded our time at Juniper Hall. 

Overall it was an enjoyable and beneficial experience for all of us and we have developed skills necessary for our geography GCSE.

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