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September 20th 2019

Incredible skills showcased at the KS3 Art Exhibition 2019

The first week of term saw the return of the annual Key Stage Three Art Exhibition in our fabulous Wollstonecraft Room.

Visitors were met on the staircase by an installation of ‘Shoe Sculptures’ created by students in 7B and 7S which led into the main gallery space. Once inside, guests were able to see a collection of plate designs created by our Year 8 students entitled ‘Old Meets New’. Designs were composed in response to the work of Nigel Peake and Kyle Henderson and were inspired by the incredible new building that the students now inhabit. Many of the complex preparatory drawings that the students had produced in their Art lessons were also exhibited, along with a selection of sketchbooks from each year group. Also showing in the gallery space, the year 8 art students exhibited a huge collaborative screen-print depicting the bustling cityscape of London.

Some of our Year 7 artists have produced a collection of stylised self-portraits in response to the work of the artist Julian Opie (7B + 7S). These were hung alongside some beautiful pencil studies of birds and etched still-lifes by the students in 7H. Year 9 showcased their ‘Food, Glorious Food’ large-scale soft sculptures which included an ice-cream cone, an oreo, a cream bun and even some spaghetti and meatballs.

Also exhibited alongside the classwork was a series of pieces undertaken by our Art Scholars responding to the theme ‘What’s in a Building’. The resulting artworks demonstrated some incredible skills and some unique interpretations to the theme, from a colourful cubist style painting depicting local architecture to a delicately collaged study of a broken home.

It has been quite an undertaking to install this exhibition in the opening week of the new school year, but it is really important to us that we are able to celebrate the achievements of each and every student in Years 7, 8 and 9 by including at least one piece of their work.

A huge congratulation to all the students in these year groups for producing such fabulous and professional looking work.


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