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June 13th 2019

Beat it! The power of Percussion at Blackheath High School

Beat It! was formed 7 years ago and was the first new group I formed when I started at Blackheath High School. 

I began with a small group of girls from my form (9EG) and over time it changed to students who actually have percussion lessons! We rehearse bright and early at 8.00am every Friday and we’ve performed a series of interesting and diverse pieces from buckets to Taiko style drums. 

We are currently working on a piece called ‘Groove 'n' Move’ for four packing boxes! Sometimes we re-write sections but a lot of the music we play is actually formally notated. 

My current members have performed in Amsterdam, Venice and Prague and we always strive to make what seems like the impossible, possible.

Find out more about Music at Blackheath High School.


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