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March 29

A GREASE inspired Senior Citizens' Party

The Senior Citizens’ Party was made to enable a connection between the younger generation and the older generation in our community.

In an attempt to give back to the community, the students of Blackheath High School raised money for the event  by doing countless fundraisers, from bake sales to paying to watch teachers race in the Teacher Relay. Year 10 decided on having the theme as ‘Grease,’ due to the fact that when the seniors were younger it was a very popular movie - we wanted the seniors to feel youthful once more.

As a tree had fallen near the Theatre, we were prohibited from using it for hosting the event. However, this did not stop us. We set up the dining room with black and white checkered tablecloths and had flowers as centrepieces. The room had pink lights against the white walls and black, pink and white balloons were set up to symbolise the T-boys and the pink ladies. Delicacies were made by students such as homemade brownies, cupcakes with pink icing and Victoria sponge cakes. Pastries and a plethora of sandwiches were also present for those that lacked a sweet tooth. 

Anya and Evie played a saxophone duet which got quite a few people dancing. In addition to that, the organisation team prepared a dance for those that wanted to join-in, and a Grease themed quiz allowed prizes to be won. The prizes ranged from art to brain games and kappa perfume to Ted Baker sets. As well as a quiz, there were also Bingo and raffle tickets which were £1. During the Bingo, many had a laugh at Ezi, who attempted to say bingo-lingo such as “62 tickety boo”.

There was an amicable atmosphere and we were told by many of the guests that it wasn't their first time attending the Senior Citizen Party and that they intend to attend the following year as well. There were also many seniors who had been before and said that they would come again. The event ended with a sing-a-long, fond farewell and an invitation to return to Blackheath High School for the event next year.


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