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March 10th 2017

UK Mathematics Trust Team Challenge

On Tuesday 7th March, Alex, Anya, Miriam and I travelled to the City of London School to take part in the UKMT Team Challenge, a national maths competition. The competition included thirty different secondary schools thoughout South-East London.

The day consisted of heated rounds of solving tricky maths problems as a team; these included sudoku and crossword problems. There were four different rounds with the final round being a relay race which involved a lot of running back and forth, until your team reached the correct answer! Unfortunately, we didn't win but we did have lots of fun and everyone received a nice little pencil case to take home!

I would definitely recommend students in Years 7, 8, 9 who are interested in solving logical maths problems to attend Maths Club on Fridays at lunch time, in order to be able to take part in exciting opportunities such as this competition.

Trisha 9H

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