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March 10th 2017

International Women's Day event - we welcome back alumna Saina Hydra supporting the #stickit campaign

Our Feminist Society welcomed a very special visitor for its International Women’s Day meeting, Blackheath High alumna Saina Hydara!

Saina was part of our Sixth Form and completed her A-levels here last year and has since been offered unconditional places at two universities to study Sociology. In the meantime, Saina has been working alongside Tender UK, an arts based charity who work with young people to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence by promoting healthy relationships based on equality and respect. #stickit is the hashtag campaign that Saina created and introduced to over 25 of our Feminist Society students today. This campaign sets out to highlight problematic advertising that uses sexist, racist and homophobic language through creative practices that allow young people to #stickit to these issues using post-it notes and their social media accounts.

Saina was also chosen to speak at the Southbank's recent 'Women of the World' Festival. 

Students from all year groups attended and commented afterwards on how their awareness of these oppressive messages had been raised as well as what fun they had in learning how to fight against them.

Thank you Saina. Please come back and inspire us all to be #boldforchange again soon!

Ms Retallack






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