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November 21st 2018

Hipsterfication: GDST Geographers go east

The Geography Department organised a GDST Collaboration Day in East London.

Blackheath, together with Putney, Sutton, Birkenhead and Streatham and Clapham High Schools joined forces with the School of Geography at Queen Mary University of London to host an immersive day of fieldwork throughout East London.

The walking tour took in Altab Ali Park, Brick Lane, Bangla Town, Arnold Circus and Spitalfields market. Following a lecture introducing the history of the area, the students were introduced to a range of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. They were given the opportunity to test these out in the field. I was fascinated with the layers of history uncovered in the tour especially in Brick Lane. Finding evidence from French influences, merged with the Jewish and then Bangladeshi cultures and now seeing the influence of ‘hipsterification’ in the area.

We hope it has allowed the Year 12 to start to focus on their Independent Investigations and see how rich their local area is in Geography.

If you're interested in joining a fantastic London Sixth Form (to study Geography or otherwise) then explore more of Blackheath High School.

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