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October 12th 2018

Hamster Club: The new addition to Blackheath High School

Hamsters are one of the most popular pets in the UK and are loved by many around the world. These small and lively creatures are great introductory pets for children to learn how to look after an animal, as well as the responsibilities and commitments of pet ownership.

Hamster Club is a new addition to the many clubs and societies offered at Blackheath High School. We have three hamsters, an adopted Syrian hamster, and a pair of Russian Dwarf babies. There is a club meeting on every Tuesday for Year 7 and 8, and another club meeting on every Thursday for Year 9 and above.

Girls get to interact with the hamsters and learn animal care in a fun and relaxed environment. We learn about the different types of hamsters, their anatomy, diet and natural habitat. We also actively encourage the development of soft skills such as team work and compassion.

We are currently running a poster competition and the winners will get the name our hamsters!

In the coming weeks, we will design and create interactive toys for our hamsters, and explore other hamster enrichment ideas. The girls will have an opportunity to submit their finished toy for a Blue Peter badge.

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