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September 21st 2018

Politics Society builds a fierce reputation

The Politics Society is the oldest of the Sixth Form societies at Blackheath High School and, in fact, was the inspiration for the wide range of excellent societies run by our students. In the past, they have run mock elections, invited in outside speakers to coincide with the Brexit referendum, local council elections and the general election. Our local MP, Matthew Pennycook has spoken twice at Blackheath High School in the last three years at the invitation of PolSoc who were able to gather a large and well-informed audience!

The latest group of students to take charge of the Politics Society will be covering such topics as the ideas of the political spectrum and how political parties vary both in terms of their organisation and ideology. They will also be engaging in such activities as getting the members to design their own political parties and creating their own party political broadcasts, after studying some real life examples! They already have a fearsome reputation after doggedly pursuing Jeremy Corbyn across Blackheath (other party political leaders are available) for some questions and a photo-opportunity!

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