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September 21st 2018

Spotlight on Junior Art - The Artist in Residence Theme

In Year 5 and 6 at Blackheath High Juniors the girls have a specialist Art Teacher for their double lesson each week. Right now, at the beginning of term the girls are concentrating on improving their observational drawing skills in order to explore objects and record their findings. These drawings will form the starting point for extended projects throughout the rest of this term. The projects will be undertaken in a wide range of media and will also explored through the use of sketchbook work. The Art and DT room is very well equipped for both two and three dimensional work and the girls are regularly printmaking, painting, making collage and mosaics as well as producing clay work and textiles.

Every year we put on an exhibition in the summer as part of The Artist in Residence Theme. All Years have the opportunity to work with the specialist Art Teacher for one day each year to make a piece of Art work. There is a cross year theme which links all the work of the girls together. Last year the theme was looking at Maths in Art. The Art work ranged from Islamic styled tessellated tiles to paintings inspired by The Fibonacci Theory,  from group paintings inspired by the painter Jasper Johns to ceramic houses made from Mathematical plans. For this year we are thinking about work that uses Literacy, poems and stories as its starting point. Watch this space for this Year’s exhibition.

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