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July 4th 2018

Activities galore for the year's final Trips Day

The final Trips Day of the year did not disappoint with our girls being treated to a wide range of different activities on and off site. With buckets and spades at the ready, Year 7 enjoyed a trip to the seaside at Broadstairs. Soaking up the glorious sunshine, the girls reflected on their first year at Blackheath High Senior School and undertook a series of organised activities on the beach including rock pooling and sandcastle building.

Meanwhile, Year 8 enjoyed rehearsing and performing a production of 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' in a day. They were organised into a cast of actors, a troop of dancers and a brilliant team of musicians, playing an original score arranged by Ms Smith. With fun workshops, intensive rehearsals and a final production to staff, the girls pulled off a brilliant performance complete with quarrelling lovers, glittery fairies, mechanicals in workman’s gear, a spectacular dance and a lively score (performed by musicians dressed in punk attire!). Shakespeare would have been proud of Blackheath High School’s lively interpretation. 

Year 9 embarked on a trip to Thorpe Park, enjoying the rides and learning more about how Computer Science is used in the park. The focus was on how digital images can be manipulated for effect and investigating future technologies on rides such as the Derren Brown ghost train, which uses a lot of technology to enhance the ‘scary’ experience.

Year 10 students visited Hastings, with activities including visiting the newly restored pier, studying the dramatic cliff structures and encountering the famous net shops. For those studying GCSE Art, this was an important opportunity to observe and record from a spectacular array of stimulus using a range of different methods and materials. They undertook several drawings and photographic tasks, gathering evidence, ideas and materials that will form the basis of their own practical work for this rest of this term and as a starting point for the first unit of work in Year 11. Those students who do not study Art were given the chance to try their hand at some relaxed sketching before taking in the spectacular cliff top views via a ride on the UK’s steepest funicular railway. Despite the sweltering heat, all the students worked tremendously hard and made this trip a fantastic experience for all those involved.

Meanwhile, Year 12 students undertook a UCAS Day by starting work on their UCAS applications online, recording their achievements and experience with support from the Sixth Form tutor team. Unifrog led a workshop on drafting the UCAS Personal Statement and students duly shaped their own statements, building on the work they had been doing over the course of the year. There was a real hum of industry and anticipation as the students prepared to move forward to the next exciting phase of their studies.

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