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July 4th 2018

Up for the challenge

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!" was the motto at Blackheath High School as students from across Senior School participated in our annual 'Challenge Week'. Up for the challenge, our girls took part in specially designed classes emphasising the importance of stepping outside of their comfort zones to achieve their potential.

This included:

  • An Army Bootcamp during which students faced physical and mental challenges to help develop their resilience and team building skills.
  • A Resilience workshop with the charity Blesma, The Limbless Veterans, teaching girls about positive and negative responses to adversity.
  • 'Challenging Industry' during which girls took on companies and manufacturers, campaigning for them to reduce their packaging and work towards biodegradable alternatives to help reduce plastic pollution. 
  • A creative photography challenge using only a phone or iPad and five set themes.
  • A cookery feat of planning and cooking a nutritious meal for a family of four, from scratch, for under £5. 

This year also saw a new addition to the programme of events with ‘Homework for Parents’. Every day during Challenge Week, Blackheath High School had the opportunity to complete a homework task. Great effort everybody!

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