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March 7th 2018

Year 4 visit the Household Cavalry Museum

On 21 and 22 February, Year 4 visited the Household Cavalry Museum because it is linked with our Humanities and PSHEE topics. We walked in pairs to Blackheath train station and arrived at London Charing Cross at 10:22am, then we walked to the museum.

We walked to a pond near the parade ground and there was the Changing of the Horse Guard parade. There were two white horses, and lots of brown and black ones. After the parade, we went inside the museum. We learnt lots of new facts and we were allowed to try on the cavalrymen outfits. The jackets were really stiff, the armour was really heavy, the helmets were tall and uncomfortable, and the gloves were really big. We also learnt that it takes a cavalryman 10 to 12 hours to clean their helmet, boots, gloves, jacket and armour before inspection!

Then we did a quiz around the museum, finding lots of different facts. My favourite facts were the one that said only one horse had survived the war (Freddy) and that there were two cavalrymen regiments (The Life Guards, and The Royal and Blue regiment). After we had finished the quiz, we walked back to the train station so we could go back to school and arrive in time for lunch.

I enjoyed the visit to the Household Cavalry Museum and my favourite part was dressing up in the cavalrymen uniforms.

Written by Elsa, Year 4

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