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February 27th 2017

60 seconds with Miss McCaul, Art Technician

Read our interview with Miss McCaul, Art Technician at Blackheath High School.

When did your passion for art and design begin?

I’ve always been artistic, and luckily this part of my nature was encouraged by my parents from a very young age. Art and Design was my best and favourite subject so I knew I wanted to have a career within the creative arts.

Please tell us about your journey into becoming a professional textile artist; I understand that you are a graduate of the Royal College of Art.

I graduated from RCA in 2010, having completed an MA in Constructed Textiles and I founded my studio in 2012. Since then, I have showcased my creations in the UK and internationally – exhibitions have included Decorex International, Clerkenwell Design Week and Design Days Dubai. I’ve also completed a number of commercial and private residential commissions in the UK, Middle-East and Asia - The biggest of which was two hand-knitted panels measuring 3 metres wide by 6 metres long for a hotel lobby in the Philippines.

Please tell us a little about your latest venture: creating a gallery installation, ‘ Curved Twist’ being exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery (Click here to see to Fay’s show/piece PR document)

Collect Open is a renowned showcase and to exhibit as one of the 10 artists, you have to apply. The criteria is that you propose a new piece of work that challenges your current practice. I wanted to apply my textiles to something different and had been looking for someone to collaborate with for some time. I was introduced to Kia Utzon-Frank by a mutual friend and we decided to create a proposal for a new piece which was selected by a panel of experts for the show at Saatchi gallery.

Our handmade installation is an interactive, adjustable blind system that crosses the boundaries between functionality, art and design.

Miss Fay McCaul
Art Technician

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