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January 31st 2018

Year 11 CSI Day

On Tuesday 23 January, Year 11 took part in a day of forensic science. The event, which was held in the Sports Hall, split the students into nine groups that had to work together to analyse evidence of a real-life murder case to discover the murderer.

The day was led by Steve Gaskin, a former Detective Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard who taught the students important skills in solving a crime, such as hair and blood analysis, fingerprint finding, inferring crucial pieces of information from case files and looking at evidence from a simulated crime scene. Everyone had to wear special protective suits to avoid contamination, along with face masks and gloves when handling evidence from the scene. There was even some Mathematics involved in finding the location of an attack using blood stains.

At the end of the day, the students got the chance to make a replica of their thumbs using plaster. Two exemplary ‘CSI Apprentices’ were chosen for their hard work, who were Matilda and Ezi, and they received special sashes. It was an entertaining day for Year 11 and they had a great time.


Written by Ezi, Year 12

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