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January 17th 2018

Staff and students get a dose of nature for Wellbeing Week

Research by Dr Daniel Cox of the Environment & Sustainability Institute at the University of Exeter has shown that watching birds makes people feel relaxed and connected to nature. Those who spent more time outside in the previous week were significantly less likely to feel depressed or anxious during the following week.

With this in mind, the Eco Club organised a lunchtime birdwatching walk to Greenwich Park. As well as making the most of the fresh air, sunshine and exercise, it was the perfect opportunity to take part in the RSPB’s Big Schools’ Bird Watch

This survey has been running since 1979 and since then, the population of some of our native bird species have declined by as much as 80%. Monitoring birds in our school grounds, gardens and parks, provides much-needed data that helps scientists assess and tackle the reasons for changes in bird populations.

Greenwich Park has over 40 bird species and we were lucky enough to spot 18 of those species during our walk. Pigeons were most common, but there was also a robin, parakeets, tits, blue tits, moorhens and even a great spotted woodpecker. 

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