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January 17th 2018

Law Society sink their teeth into key issues

The Law Society meets fortnightly with the aim of raising awareness of legal issues and inspiring debate amongst students in Year 7-10. Run by Sixth Formers, the Law society encourages lively debate amongst students about the moral and ethical stances that can be taken when analysing the British legal system. Aspiring lawyers from Blackheath High will soon also get the chance to participate in a mock trial, with students taking on the roles of prosecutors, defendants, judges and jury.

The cases discussed so far include that of R v Dudley and Stephens (1884), in which it was argued that sailors shipwrecked at sea were justified in eating a fellow crew member to avoid starvation. This case provoked lively debate amongst all students, with students sinking their teeth into the key issues at hand! Students are also encouraged to follow current legal cases, and bring their own examples of cases to the society for group discussion. 

Both Ade and Phurichaya, current Year 13 students, are planning on studying Law at university next year, and their enthusiasm for the subject really helps to bring a fun, dynamic and informative atmosphere to the society. 


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