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October 4th 2017

Study and marshmallows on the Year 11 Geography field trip

On the 20 September, Senior School's Year 11 Geography GCSE students set out on a Geography field trip to Juniper Hall in Dorking. On the first day, we unpacked our suitcases and made ourselves comfortable in our dorms. Our teacher (Simon) taught us about the field work and we then went to study three different courses of a river. It was really exciting to experience a new way of studying practically and looking at the river in groups was much more fun.

On the last day, we had to do our urban study, comparing and studying two different sites. This was really enjoyable as we went around the two sites independently. However, the highlight of our trip was sitting around the bonfire roasting marshmallows. We played songs on the speaker and merrily sang along with loud voices, despite the fact that we were mostly off tune! Overall, the Geography field trip was a good experience and will help with our exams. It also allowed us to spend more time with our friends.

Written by Subee, Year 12

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