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July 12

There's something about Mary

Although she was born over 250 years ago, there’s still something about Mary Wollstonecraft. Her legacy lives on and as such, she is a fitting namesake for our lecture series.

Our first Wollstonecraft Lecture of the year was given to our Senior School girls by alumna and sociologist, Eliza Cummings-Cove. Eliza’s university dissertation on celebrity culture and post-feminism had caught the attention of national press and she was the first of many speakers who shared their work and experiences with us back in September. We were next inspired by the pioneering spirit of alumna and ITN news anchor, Charlene White and we learned about the challenging world of elite sport in October when Blackheath High parent, international polo player and GB Masters swimmer Fiona Greer spoke to the girls.

The term continued with Professor Neil Spiller, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor of Greenwich University who told us about how his work in surreal architecture and the artistic theme was maintained with another Blackheath High parent, Jeremy Wood. Charlotte Sanderson from the FCO and General Counsel, Helen Milburn were youthful role models and generous in their advice and opportunities for networking and our eyes were opened by Sgt. Kaz Mort who detailed the modernisation of the British Army and the new futures available to women.

In February, another Blackheath High parent, Karen Neffar sent a team from the Japanese bank Mizuho to demystify trading and banking and then, following the US election, Professor Laurence Ezrow, Blackheath High parent and Professor of Government at Essex University, explained the causes and consequences of President Trump’s election. Emilie Lawrence and Luisa Lucie-Smith, both from UCL, addressed topics as diverse as body positivity in social media and cosmology and the mysteries of our galaxy. The year finally ended with Steve Drury from our redevelopment contractors, ROOFF, who spoke about managing change in the built environment.

We are extremely grateful to all of the speakers who have taken time out of their schedules to visit the school. The Sixth Formers have found them useful and thought provoking and the wide range of themes have helped in provoking discussion and kindling newfound interests. Mary Wollstonecraft would be proud!


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