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July 12

Algorithms, boomerangs and custard for Maths Day!

On Wednesday 28th June, Year 9 in our Senior School attended a Maths day at Greenwich University. The day was run really well, there were tons of workshops and talks to go to, all on different subjects so it was easy to find something you were interested in.

We began the day with a talk on coding, where we heard about codes from history; Egyptians, Romans and codes from the war. We even got to see an original enigma machine working! After this, we looked round the workshops and chose what to try. I began with a Maths in Use workshop, looking at algorithms in games and then production such as making furniture including considering the cost and profits. Later, I saw a talk on the Maths involved in planning for emergencies from fires to navy ships having missiles fired at them!

We were shown lots of video simulations, and I particularly enjoyed seeing elements of Maths which you don’t think about, but are very important. In the afternoon, half of us went to ‘Why do pigs and boomerangs fly?’ which had lots of surprising demonstrations with objects spinning, rotating and of course, flying. At the end, we even made our own boomerangs (some more successful than others!). It was nice coming away with more knowledge of why objects move the way they do.

I topped my day off with a Puzzles workshop, although I know many of my friends were busy elsewhere walking on custard! It was a very entertaining day, and we all came away with a greater knowledge of Maths spread across many different topics.

Written by Hannah, Year 9


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