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December 13th 2023

Our cast will be working 9 to 5!

Musical revealOur drama production for Spring 2024 has been announced as drum roll... ‘9 to 5: The Musical.’

This show tells the story of three women pushed to boiling point by their sexist and egotistical boss. Concocting a plan to kidnap and turn the tables on their despicable supervisor, will the ladies manage to reform their office – or will events unravel when the CEO pays an unexpected visit?

Inspired by the iconic 80s film and Dolly Parton’s music, this hilarious musical is about female empowerment, teaming up, standing up and taking care of business; and will be brought to splendid life by a cast of 60 talented students.

The team are now going to be working '9 to 5' to get the show on the road for curtain up in March. Watch out for news of ticket sales in the new year.

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